Takahashi y Niigaki felicitan a Ayaka
Ayaka, Morning Musume, Niigaki Risa, Takahashi Ai

Takahashi y Niigaki felicitan a Ayaka

Esto tiene unos días pero de cualquier. Como ya sabemos, Ayaka, ex integrante de Coconuts Musume se casó este mes con un golfista profesional y hace unos días salió un video donde aparecían las Morning Musume practicando su obra musical “Cinderella the Musical“.


En ese video Takahashi Ai y Niigaki Risa felicitan a Ayaka por su reciente matrimonio.

Ayaka’s marriage Takahashi and Niigaki bless it

Descarga este video aquí.

Aprovechando para poner todo lo relacionado les dejo unas imágenes de un periódico (al parecer de hoy) en la que aparece parte del reparto de “Cinderella the Musical”,


Hoy una traducción al inglés de esto que hizo alguien en H!O cuando tenga la traducción al español la cambiaré.


Presenting a fantastic Morning Musume x Takarazuka play to you

A must-see family musical in the summer holidays

The play of August in Shinjuku Koma theater is the 2nd collaboration of Morning Musume and Takarazuka who got highly praised for their “Ribon no Kishi the musical” in 2006. Takahashi Ai-san (Cinderella), Niigaki Risa-san (Prince) and Asaji Saki-san (Fairy Godmother) talked about the practice and about the members’ thoughts about the play who are enthusiastically waiting for the raising of the curtains.

– Your last play “Ribon no Kishi” gained a lot of attention because of it’s high level of perfection.
Takahashi: Thank you very much. I really learned a lot of things and gained a bit of self-confidence too.
Asaji: I could only watch it on DVD because I wasn’t in Japan at that time, but I was surprised to see a full-blown musical. I also heard that there were many MM fans who watched “Ribon no Kishi” and came to like musicals.
Niigaki: Yes, we were happy that there were so many of them.
– Takahashi-san, you’ve been a big fan of the Takarazuka Revue from a long time ago, right?
Takahashi: I often went to watch plays in the Takarazuka Grand Theater from when I was small. Actually I’ve watched Asaji-san’s plays too. I think I watched “Emperor” when I was in 5th year of elementary school.
Asaji: Ehh! That was my graduation play! Thank you very much. (lol)
Takahashi: I admired Takarazuka so much that I even thought of joining them, so this time it’s like my dreams are coming true and I feel that I’m a very fortunate person.
Niigaki: I was also often asked by Aichan to go watch Takarazuka plays together with her and I thought it was gorgeous and stylish. That’s why I’m very nervous about being on the stage together with all the Takarazuka members.
Asaji: My son is very excited about her mom being on the stage together with Morning Musume. (lol)
– What did you have to pay attention to when creating your roles this time?
Takahashi: In “Ribon no Kishi” I played a character who was similar to me in some points, but Cinderella this time is obedient, cute and graceful, her character is exactly opposite to mine. (lol) Day to day I’m at odds with myself because I have to play the role without destroying the image of Cinderella everyone has.
Niigaki: I got the role of the prince, but there are so many points where I have to struggle e.g. the way to bring out my voice etcetc. In the training room I get lots of advice from Takarazuka members who play male roles and learn a lot everyday.
Asaji: I really think the role of the prince this time is perfect for Niigaki-san. It’s completely different from the male roles in Takarazuka, he’s rather really cute because it feels like he’s a boy who came out of the anime world.
Niigaki: But right now I still end up getting led by Aichan in the waltz dancing scene. (lol) That’s why I’ll do my best until the performances so I can become a prince who can lead Aichan.
Asaji: I, on the other hand, have to worry about how to look cute since I’m quite a bit taller than everyone else. (lol) The role I play is not that of a human being, so I wonder if it’s better if I act like a strange and mysterious person.
– So the highlights are the quick-change and flying scenes of the fairy godmother, huh?
Asaji: That too, but the music composed by Rodgers & Hammerstein is very nice. They’re easy to remember for kids too, maybe they’ll be singing the songs on their way home.
Takahashi: We want to play the roles in a way that everyone can relate to them and we want to make it a musical which gives everyone a smile after watching, so we’d like all kinds of people to come watch it.
Niigaki: I think it’d be great if we can create a play, so that everyone says that “Cinderella” is their best memory of these summer holidays. Look forward to the final show too!
Asaji: The wonderful music and set should fascinate children of course and adults too, so please come watch it by all means with your whole family.

Takahashi Ai: “I always admired Takarazuka, so it’s like a dream being fulfilled.”
Niigaki Risa: “I have to become a prince who can lead Aichan!”
Asaji Saki: “My son is very happy about me being on the same stage as Morning Musume.”

El que siempre traduce esto es Ronin un miembro de H!O y fan de Takahashi, por eso siempre hay muchas traducciones cuando se trata de ella.